Eve Online: Causality

I have posted various entries about Eve Online. This game is a true sandbox that mimics some aspects of real life. Friendship for example, is one of those things that other MMOs mimic as well. Now, how many games you know that a revenge well planned can change the whole game? Eve Online is a very impressive game. The game is not...

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Eve Online: Tyrannis Trailer

This new free expansion comes out on May...

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Eve Online: Scanning Guide Tutorial Video

An interesting video tutorial was released by CCP Games: “Welcome to basic system scanning 101. Providing a simple to follow guide on scanning down wormholes and other sites in EVE Online” –CCPGames ...

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Eve Online: Dominion’s New Planets

CCP released a new video featuring the new  planets in the Dominion expansion. The Dominion expansion for EVE Online included all new graphics for planets and moons for players to enjoy. Combined with a new star field background it makes for some simply stunning vistas. Join us for a quick tour of some of the new planet...

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Eve Online: Enter Dominion

MMORPG has posted an interesting Eve Online report, it explains the new changes in Dominion, among other things. For as long as I’ve been playing EVE, it has always had an In-game Browser, but one that was barely functional. This is no longer the case, and while this new version is still missing Flash functionality, it does...

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Eve Online: How Dominion Will Change EvE Online

The new free expansion will be available soon and Eve’s future looks bright. “DOMINION represents the type of conquest never realized by pretty words and poetry. It is true power born from the broken hulls of a thousand starships, the genes of the ambitious and the hubris of the greedy. EVE’s 12th free expansion...

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