Champions Online Offers FREE WEEKEND!

Guys remember that Cryptic is offering a FREE WEEKEND for those interested in checking the new changes in Champions Online. What do  you have to lose? Is free man! Welcome to the free Champions Online: Revelation promotional weekend! If you do not yet have a free Cryptic account, click on the left graphic below and download the...

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Champions Online: The Blood Moon Raises Free Weekend Event

Oct 27, 09 Champions Online: The Blood Moon Raises Free Weekend Event

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For those that couldn’t play the game during the open beta stage or release, the folks at Cryptic are giving players another chance to try Champions Online for free.  The promotional weekend starts on October 30th and ends on November 2nd.  The reason for this “free weekend” is to invite players to participate...

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Another Champions Online Blog: Will it remain Fun?

The time I spent playing Champions Online was fun, really fun. Very soon the game will release and I can’t help but think how much fun will Champions Online be.   CO will enter CoH/CoV territory, will it crush CoH or barely survive the MMO world? One of my favorite parts was the character creation, the costumes can be save...

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