Blade & Soul: Closed Beta Videos

Sep 22, 11 Blade & Soul: Closed Beta Videos

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I have blogged a bit about Blade & Soul. Correction, I have posted a lot of videos about Blade & Soul. To keep the tradition strong I have more Blade & Soul Closed Beta Videos. Awesome right? The first video shows flying in the game. By looking at the animation and hearing the background music, it truly feels like an...

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Blade & Soul: Next GEN MMO or More Of The Same?

A long time ago, I posted some pictures and videos of a game called Blade & Soul. This is a new game that will be released by NCSoft, the same company that brought us Aion among other games. Before you turn away thinking that this is just another Korean grinder (which it might be) this game will offer a different combat system...

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New Blade & Soul Footage: Just Breathtaking

NCSoft released a new video featuring some gameplay elements of their new upcoming MMO called: Blade & Soul.  The movie is 11 minutes long and is just breathtaking.  Gorgeous visuals with stunning combat for an MMO game.  I would like to see more of AoC’s combat in other MMOs but B&S takes it to another level....

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NCSoft Next Game: Blade and Soul A Game With Incredible Combat

NCsoft revealed a teaser video for those following their next game called Blade and Soul.  The trailer does not show much, that’s why I have included a gameplay video.  This game looks a lot better than Aion, I hope the grind won’t be as bad.  Judging from the videos, the combat looks very impressive.  Will it be...

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