Aion The Promised Land?

Nov 10, 11 Aion The Promised Land?

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Aion is not the MMO promised land but it sure has become a different game. Aion will hit version 3.0 and with it a whole lot of craziness will be introduced. I remember playing this game with great expectations only to be deeply disappointed by the harsh grinding curve. After watching this trailer, I am very impressed by the huge...

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Slightly Relevant First Contest: Win an Aion Key!

Quick update here! You want to play Aion? Do you want to play the game for free? If that’s the case, SlightlyRelevant is doing just that. The team has a hold of two keys to give away. So how to win? Comment on our site anywhere between October 13 and October 27. The judges (aka, us SR folks) will then decide on two winners....

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Botters Explode: Aion Style

The “open shop” feature that Aion uses (and a couple of K-grinders) is horrible.  According to NCSoft, around 27k botting accounts have been banned.  Good for them!  I like the public display of humiliation taken on the...

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Aion: Visions Of The Future

I never really enjoyed Aion as much as my friends.  The time I spent playing the game was enjoyable (I liked the fighting system and cinematic cut scenes) but heavily disliked the grinding.  NCSoft released a new video called “Visions of the Future” and I will admit it left me speechless.  Aion is a beautiful game,...

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My first 10 levels in Aion

Sep 29, 09 My first 10 levels in Aion

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Aion has been the topic of hate and love, everybody is rushing to reach the highest level and that is exactly why I am witting this post.  As much as I would like to be “hardcore” again and join in the competition, there is no way a “casual” like me can do that; instead I will point out what I have seen in...

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The best dancing in any MMO

Massively made a recent post asking the community about their favorite dance moves in MMOs and Aion’s dance move was showcased.  NCSoft newest game looks really good, seriously, but as impressive as the game is my vote goes to Fallen Earth.  Visually, FE is not even close to Aion’s graphical power but …....

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