Will the release of Aion hurt WoW?

Everytime there is a new game on the horizon, the question pops inside our minds: Will “x” game hurt or defeat WoW? NCSoft has declared that it will be second to WoW, a very funny statement since they implied the same for Tabula Rasa (RiP). Having the chance to play the beta I don’t know what to say. The game...

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Old BGs Vs New BGs, Is re-using content a bad sign?

Aug 15, 09 Old BGs Vs New BGs, Is re-using content a bad sign?

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Old BGs vs New BGs: Is pvp aerial combat next in WoW? During the last couple of  days I took my druid for a walk in Wintergrasp, Strand of the Ancients and the new BG called Isle of Conquest. While the novelty feeling of the new bg was cool, I started to meditate about this kind of PVP. It reminded me of something… but I...

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Gforce 4: Fortitude Video, does the Hokage approve?

Gforce movie link Fans of the warrior rejoice, Gforce 4: Fortitude is finally out. You will find duels, some world pvp and Gforce’s amazing editing skills. Personally I am a big fan of his movies, (I always wanted to roll a warrior but I was to lazy to do it), and there is something magical in the editing of his movies. ...

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