The Quick And Dirty Always Win Review

The Always Win game app will only appeal to you if you ever experienced one of the following situations before: You want to have fun and play a prank on one of your friends. You wan to cheat on a bet or drinking game. You just want to win. The list could be longer but my point is, everybody wants to have fun from time to time....

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Is Siri The Beginning of Skynet?

I have to say I am very impressed at how Siri works. Just about now I was watching this demo video of someone asking different things to Siri and she getting all the information. While all this was happening I thought about the Terminator movies. Can you imagine if Apple next move was a big step in Robotics? Imagine how cool the Top...

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15 Reasons To Own An iPhone

  1. It’s easy to use. Even a retard like me can figure it out.   2. It has Facetime capabilities that you’ll never use. Yet, it’s nice to have the    option.   3. It has a finger print resistant, oleophobic (yes, we’re personifying the screen)    coating so you’ll only get fingerprints on it if you...

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: AKA Playstation Phone?

Mar 29, 11 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: AKA Playstation Phone?

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Here’s a video of the new upcoming Xperia phone. This beast runs android Gingerbread and will bring a new wave of games to the Android market. With the right phone, these games will not be limited to just the Xperia Play, which I think is a great decision. Exciting times for the Android platform. Can’t wait to see when...

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Angry Birds Beta For The Android

I posted some time ago about Angry Birds coming to the Android OS. Turns out the Beta is already out. I apologize for this “epic fail” in not getting the announcement earlier. The Google Marketplace has a couple of new cool games out....

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Angry Birds Coming To Android Phones

It’s no secret that the Android platform suffers from lack of good games. That’s the only aspect I envy from iPhone (and iPad, Iguess) users. Last night I watched this video and it made my night. Angry Birds is coming for the Android! Check out the video and notice that they are playing the game in a trusty Droid. Yes, I...

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