Toy Story X: Woody’s Got Wood

Oct 04, 11 Toy Story X: Woody’s Got Wood

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Prepare to be horrified as your childhood hero becomes a sexual deviant. It seems Woody has been hanging out too much with Pedobear. Which surprisingly made an appearance in a Polish newspaper. This is all I could save from the gallery, which had a lot of pictures. There were too many images that I felt could not be posted here....

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Hostages Rescued By Courageous Racist

This next article was shared by AngraMainyu from the GameRiot community. This is a must read, I am a fan of  firstpersonobserver now. Montescaglioso, Italy — After a daring daylight raid on a small town in the Matera Province of Italy, four employees of DSB Computer Solutions expressed joy and relief for having been freed from...

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Imitation is not Plagiarism….. Right?

The whole story was posted on my other blog, “B’s Rant“, over at GameRiot. Be sure to check it out. Here you will find a more in depth gallery. See the images after the...

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Same Restaurant, Different Name and Meals

Are you tired of eating the same thing over and over again? Tired of paying a visit to the same Restaurants and Fast Food chains? Well, fear no more someone feels your pain and that’s why new dishes are been created in “similar but not really the same” places. Check out the new Restaurants (please they are...

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Street Fighter 4: Cammy Cosplay & Amazing Mods

I wanted to share another small gallery of images. Here you will find Cosplays of Cammy and some hilarious (and sexy) in-game screenshots taken from a moded version of Street Fighter 4.     Click any thumbnails to view the actual...

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Conan And The Tonight Show

Check out the options left for...

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