Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: AKA Playstation Phone?

Mar 29, 11 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: AKA Playstation Phone?

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Here’s a video of the new upcoming Xperia phone. This beast runs android Gingerbread and will bring a new wave of games to the Android market. With the right phone, these games will not be limited to just the Xperia Play, which I think is a great decision. Exciting times for the Android platform. Can’t wait to see when...

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Reve’s Rift Impressions

Feb 11, 11 Reve’s Rift Impressions

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Well, so as it is usual, a friend calls me and says : “Hey! Have you seen (Insert random game name here)? Its coming out X day of Y month and its “fricking” awesome! And its on closed beta right now!” My usual response is: “No, but I’ll check it out”. Well the last time this happened the game was Rift, and this...

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The Battle Of The Comic Book MMOs: Enter DC Universe Online

DC Universe: Which One? Another Comic Book MMO comes to life! Will DC Universe Online live up to your expectations? It all depends in your expectations. How high are them? Before I continue, please do not consider this a review because it’s not. It’s just a recollection of my experiences playing this game. These...

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Telekinetic Walrus – Interview

Southernplayalisticspaceshipmuzik A popular mathematical theorem posits that, given an infinite amount of time, a chimpanzee hitting keys on a typewriter would eventually churn out any given piece of text or literature, even something as dense and complex as the complete works of William Shakespeare. And while I realize that the...

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The Great Playstation Move and Game Review Round Up

I love my Playstation 3. Next to my PC, it’s my most used entertainment device. It does everything from DVD’s and Blu Rays, to browsing the web, or streaming the entire contents of my external hard drive straight to my giant LCD TV screen. Even the missus can work it, which goes a long way in describing how accessible the system...

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Game Review – Muramasa: The Demon Blade

A complete review of gamings artiest brawler to date If there’s one overlooked developer that deserves acknowledgment in the gaming community, it’s  “Vanillaware”. Their previous games on the PS2 – “Odin Sphere” and “GrimGrimoire” – received critical acclaim from the people who played them, with the...

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