Slightly Relevant Amazing Valentines’ Giveaway

Feb 01, 11 Slightly Relevant Amazing Valentines’ Giveaway

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The crew over at is having a Valentines’ Day Giveaway.  Check out the loot:   These goodies were made by Rika and Heretica. In case you are wondering, yes they are both girls. And they game too. So head over to SR and check out the rules in order to...

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And The Trolls Said: “Kill HER!!”

To celebrate the opening of Slightly Relevant, Hereticaneue posted her blog and generated quite a bit of “trolism“. Here’s an excerpt of her blog: Hate is a strong word, I know, but since I am a woman and thus weak in virtually every way, I have to assert my strength where ever I can. Don’t you agree? Well, you...

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