Save Me: New Webseries

Jan 05, 12 Save Me: New Webseries

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Today I would like to introduce a new webseries. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. These guys are facing some adversities and yet they are making their best to create a high quality production. I had the chance to talk to Ramon about this project. Ramon: Save Me is about ordinary people that has obtained...

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Anonymous Declares War Against SOPA Supporters

Jan 03, 12 Anonymous Declares War Against SOPA Supporters

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The S.O.P.A Bill is very scary business. Anonymous has declared their discontent and how they plan to take action. On one side, I am glad someone can actually stand up and make this happen (like the anti-GoDaddy movement by the internet community). On the other hand I am afraid casual internet users might suffer the...

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Disney Girls In Real Life?

Dec 30, 11 Disney Girls In Real Life?

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I just stumbled on the most beautiful portraits of Disney’s Girls that I have ever seen. These were made possible by photo manipulation. ariel ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 9 ...

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Bears in Skyrim

    Those beasts! They remind me of the vicious bears of Red Dead Redemption. This video will provide you with handy information on how to deal with bears in Skyrim. Thank you James Jonas for posting the link!   If you are wondering what the Dragonborn is shouting just take a visit to the Skyrim...

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My New Guilty Pleasure: Mr. Plinkett’s Reviews

Dec 27, 11 My New Guilty Pleasure: Mr. Plinkett’s Reviews

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  I can’t remember how exactly I ended up watching one of these reviews but I got hooked. The person behind the voice, reviews movies in a way that everybody can understand. He hits a lot of valid points with very crude humor and a very awkward voice. The best part? It works. There are a couple of very disturbing jokes...

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Happy Holidays From KalibreOnline!

Dec 24, 11 Happy Holidays From KalibreOnline!

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  I would like to express my gratitude once more to all the people that have been involved in the making of KalibreOnline one way or the other. The last few months have been crazy in both good and bad ways. Nevertheless, I love everyone that has helped and visited the site. Even if I don’t know you; I LOVE YOU! If you...

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