Skyrim’s Invisible Weapon Glitch Video

  The clean-up procedure went better than expected. Everything looks good and I am sure my PC appreciates the effort. I have been pushing my computer  and testing its limits in regards of video-game live streaming. As I mentioned before, this is the next step for the KalibreOnline TV project. During these 4 to 6 hours of...

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How To Fix Netflix Freezing PS3 Units

Feb 14, 12 How To Fix Netflix Freezing PS3 Units

Posted by in Consoles & PC, Entertainment, Gaming, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

Somehow after watching Netflix for a random amount of time, my console freezes. After searching for this on the internet, it seems I am not alone. The latest “solution” involved checking my wireless connection. I am using a different channel, everything is protected, I cleaned my PS3 on the outside and inside,...

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Awesome Knife Kill Streak In Modern Warfare 3

  Here is an amazing knife kill streak by Dashiel. Her excitement is very noticeable. While this clip is safe for work, be sure not to watch it close to your significant other. My wife just gave me a dirty look because we had some family visiting when I was watching this video. Be sure to check out her Youtube Channel for more...

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Training For The Ultra Music Festival

Feb 04, 12 Training For The Ultra Music Festival

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  UMF stands for Ultra Music Festival, an annual outdoor electronic festival in the city of Miami. Thousands of people enjoy their music and express their freedom while dancing away their problems. The 2012 event is already sold out. For those that have a ticket, here’s a video of someone training for the event. This was...

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Project Fiona: Razer’s New Tablet

Jan 21, 12 Project Fiona: Razer’s New Tablet

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    Razer just revealed their new project, a PC Tablet designed for PC Gamers. I thought they were done after annoucing the SwitchBlade. I was wrong! This new tablet is also a mini-PC on steroids. What other tablets are missing, Fiona incorporates it beautifully. You can also use a keyboard and a mouse. My words do no...

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Those Who Go To Hell – Part One And Two

Jan 10, 12 Those Who Go To Hell – Part One And Two

Posted by in Entertainment, Gaming

    A few months back, I made a post about LBP Stunts Chicago Action Team. You might remember them from Boogie Woogie Feng Shui No 5, an awesome series of practice fights adapted from popular anime fight scenes, and presented as a live action anime music video. I lost count on how many times I watched that video. Today I...

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