Training For The Ultra Music Festival

Feb 04, 12 Training For The Ultra Music Festival

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  UMF stands for Ultra Music Festival, an annual outdoor electronic festival in the city of Miami. Thousands of people enjoy their music and express their freedom while dancing away their problems. The 2012 event is already sold out. For those that have a ticket, here’s a video of someone training for the event. This was...

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Skyrim Real Life Bard

    She has a beautiful voice and is a Skyrim fan.  If you would like to replace the main theme with this song, follow these  instructions. Her name is  Malukah  and be sure to visit her Youtube...

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Skyrim And How Dragonborn Are Made

  The tale of the Dragonborn is not a pretty one. Their existence is a mystery to some. In this video you will find more about them. Please be warned, the videos contain very strong language. The first one is a look into their ancestry. The two other videos tell their stories in an explicit manner. I thought the video...

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Radiohead At The Occupy Wall Street Movement?

Sep 30, 11 Radiohead At The Occupy Wall Street Movement?

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This just in: Rumor has it Radiohead is supposed to play later today at the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Around 4:00 PM. KalibreOnline will keep you posted on the news. Well, not really. We can’t afford it.    Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing demonstration opposing what participants view as negative corporate...

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Great Soundtracks in Gaming – Indie Edition

Music. It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it? It can affect our moods, our emotions, and even tell us a story when associated with background imagery. It can paint colours and stir nostalgia, and invoke certain involuntary twitching in the gluteus regions (not necessarily a bad thing, if you go to the right clubs). So where would you...

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Telekinetic Walrus – Interview

Southernplayalisticspaceshipmuzik A popular mathematical theorem posits that, given an infinite amount of time, a chimpanzee hitting keys on a typewriter would eventually churn out any given piece of text or literature, even something as dense and complex as the complete works of William Shakespeare. And while I realize that the...

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