Toy Warfare

Once again I apologize for the lack of updates. Youtube is a whole new beast for me and I am still learning a lot. As of right now I am managing two channels and this is leaving me with barely any time to work on the blog.  I would like to share something that I have been working on: Toy Warfare.  It is a very silly...

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Awesome Knife Kill Streak In Modern Warfare 3

  Here is an amazing knife kill streak by Dashiel. Her excitement is very noticeable. While this clip is safe for work, be sure not to watch it close to your significant other. My wife just gave me a dirty look because we had some family visiting when I was watching this video. Be sure to check out her Youtube Channel for more...

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Bears in Skyrim

    Those beasts! They remind me of the vicious bears of Red Dead Redemption. This video will provide you with handy information on how to deal with bears in Skyrim. Thank you James Jonas for posting the link!   If you are wondering what the Dragonborn is shouting just take a visit to the Skyrim...

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My New Guilty Pleasure: Mr. Plinkett’s Reviews

Dec 27, 11 My New Guilty Pleasure: Mr. Plinkett’s Reviews

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  I can’t remember how exactly I ended up watching one of these reviews but I got hooked. The person behind the voice, reviews movies in a way that everybody can understand. He hits a lot of valid points with very crude humor and a very awkward voice. The best part? It works. There are a couple of very disturbing jokes...

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Mario Golf The Movie

Nov 27, 11 Mario Golf The Movie

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Mario, you rascal. There was no way you could keep your hands to yourself? Is Zelda involved in this scandal? Enjoy more of these...

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Black Friday Makes People Go Crazy

Nov 25, 11 Black Friday Makes People Go Crazy

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Black Friday has become the equivalent of a Full Moon. Strange and mystifying air fills the night and people suffer a tragic metamorphosis. In this video you will see how the scent of “discounts” make group of people turn against each other.   Was this really worth it? This was originally found...

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