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Guild Applications Its petty funny when i think about it but Guild applications are probably some of the most in-depth applications I’ve ever filled out.  Guild applications have taught me to lie to increase my chances of the person reading my application to read it favorably.  Is the guild you’re applying to a group...

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Top 5 Most Attractive Female Olympians

Mar 21, 10 Top 5 Most Attractive Female Olympians

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Like most of you I seem to have come down with a case of Olympic fever. These winter Olympics have really made me respect what non-professional Olympic Athletes have to go through to excel in their sports. It also helps that a lot of the female athletes are absolutely gorgeous, so, with that being said, here is my list of the top...

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Heavy Rain: Is it a good thing?

I got the chance to play a bit of Heavy Rain the other day, and must say I am a little on the fence as to whether or not its a good game. Don’t get me wrong, Heavy Rain is a visually stun, masterfully written game, but I just can’t help but feel a little disappointed in the game-play. Before we move forward please take...

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An Ode to Canada, What if There Was a Video Gaming Olympics? Gobbledigook

Oh Canada! Good afternoon, please excuse me if the entirety of the writing in the following blog may seem a little off, for I am still feeling the effects of a long night of celebrating Canada’s glorious victory over the United States.  Not only did we come out victorious in the final hockey match, we also stomped the...

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Warcraft’s Black Market

I have been a member, and moderator of a certain forum community for about two years now.  This forum (which will remain nameless) deals in the buying and selling of virtual items through online transactions.  Be it currency, game time, game services, game accounts, if it has virtual worth chances are you can buy and sell it here....

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