Who Needs World of Warcraft?? Gravity’s Horror mmorpg: Requiem

Since my university times, I have been pursued by a new kind of tech Zombies;  all they can say is “Dude, play World of Warcraft” (WoW).  I’m not saying that I didn’t tried it, but for my mental health,  I stopped playing the game.  As a PC gamer for so many years I know for a fact there are many free...

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Project Natal on The Way, Next Microsoft Big Hit

After E3, the greatest conference in video games in the world,Microsoft has impress most of the gaming media with their new invention: Project Natal.  Xbox 360 has been left behind by the Nintendo Wii in the past years  because of the Wii’s controller and the awfull 360’s ring of death; Microsoft has rise at last,...

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