Street Fighter X Tekken Short Film

Mar 07, 12 Street Fighter X Tekken Short Film

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  It’s finally out! Once again Thousand Pounds delivers an amazing product. I am writing this post only 2 hours after it was released on Youtube. It is amazing! Glad to hear that Capcom actually seeked them out for this production. Anyone from Capcom please take my advice: whisper these sweet words into the ears of an...

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Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within Teaser

Mar 05, 12 Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within Teaser

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Once again, the amazing people at Thousand Pounds bring us another legen… wait for it… dary (sorry, I have been watching too much “How I met your Mother”) video. A long time ago, I posted how they were working with Capcom on a short promotional film about Street Fighter X Tekken. Here’s a teaser for...

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This Explains A Lot About Waldo

Mar 01, 12 This Explains A Lot About Waldo

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Who knew Waldo was a badass? Take a close look about what is going to happen to you if you dare to look for him. You have been warned!    Emmanuel Manzanares is Waldo (Wally for our European friends) from LBP Stunts. See more of his work here:http:// Also starring Matthew Sumner and...

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Fallen Earth Crashes Into Steam

Fallen Earth just became one of the many new Free-to-Play MMORPGs that have been appearing on Steam. This is a great move for both “steamers” (I just made that word up) and new “mmorpgers” (and that one too) that are looking for an easy way to download their games. The first time I played this game I was...

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Feb 21, 12 Update

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  This is a quick update. I was hoping to keep up the daily blog post but the time it takes to transition into a Vlogger is more than I expected. Editing videos and making them are very time consuming. This leaves me with barely any time. I will find a solution for...

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