Watch Dogs Launch Trailer – Aiden Pearce

The wait is almost over! Watch Dogs gets a Launch Trailer and all that is left is wait for the game.  You play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker who saw something no one was meant to see.  His enemies came for him, but killed a family member instead.  Now on the hunt for those responsible, you’ll be able to monitor and...

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How to Find all Skyshards in The Elder Scrolls Online

It was a matter of time before this information was available to everybody. Skyshards are interactive objects found around Tamriel in the Elder Scrolls Online. For every 3 Skyshards you earn a skill point. With these interactive maps you have nothing to lose! Check out the video for all the information   What is the Elder...

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Garrosh Defeated! – WoW Mist of Pandaria Horde Cinematic – SPOILER!

 Please DO NOT WATCH if you want NO Spoilers. Garrosh is DEAD!    SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! English: The horde gets a new Warchief! This is NOT the best version available. Keep on searching youtube for more videos 🙂   Spanish: La cinematica de World of Warcraft. El Horde tiene un Nuevo WarChief! Aviso: ESTE NO ES LA...

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Crysis 3 Will Melt PCs

Feb 15, 13 Crysis 3 Will Melt PCs

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I know it’s been a while but here’s an interesting Crysis 3 multiplayer video to make up for me suddenly vanishing. Be My Valentine showcases a small montage of Crysis 3 kills. This should calm the fans down a bit until the game gets released.   Will Crysis 3 be the beast that will attempt to break your PC?...

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Far Cry 3: The Real Vaas

Dec 17, 12 Far Cry 3: The Real Vaas

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Cat’s out of the bag! I am the real Vaas!  The art was made by  Tanyopo! You can check some of her art in these amazing...

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