About KO

Kalibre Online, much like the founder’s new-born child, is simply an entity spawned without the benefit of any planning, thought or remorse. Initially intended as simply a place where he could subject others to the new and interesting ways he brutalized the English language, it eventually took shape. Admittedly, the shape it took was ham-fisted and clumsy, much like a teary-eyed housewife’s first attempt at pottery turns out after watching “Ghost” for the first time.

Bilingue’s inexplicable dedication to the site was met with an equally inexplicable rise in readership. His “expertise” in all things gaming, as well as his “unique insight” into industry happenings and trends resulted in a competently designed website with a constant stream of “content”. It was at this point that bilingue realized that what started as a hobby (and an attempt at literacy) was becoming an obsession. The foundation for the new hub for like-minded gamers was already set, and construction was underway. But then, tragedy struck.

Due to bilingue’s aforementioned contribution to the world’s overpopulation crisis, he has slightly less time on his hands these days, and as such, has increased the workforce at KO by 200% to keep up with the demand for news and analysis. bizarroAndres, a man of unparalleled brilliance, was pried from a much more lucrative position and joined the KO team in February ’10. He was chosen for his unique cinematic analysis and sharp, acerbic wit, but mostly for recently overcoming his penchant for moaning loudly and cowering when a woman would appear on screen during a movie. Recently, Wade_County was added to the team, given the task of covering topics involving music. No one is sure why this happened, exactly.

Today, Kalibre Online towers above all as the online gold standard for journalism, professionalism, accuracy and hyperbole. KO routinely misinforms dozens of misguided internet users, not only in America, but unbelievably, worldwide as well.

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