How to Fix Your ATI GPU Crash (All Cards)

Ati: How to fix your ati GPU Crash

I finally found how to fix the problem that has been driving me crazy for weeks. Every single time at random intervals my ATI card would crash when watching Youtube videos. At one point  I was about to RMA my card. Lucky for me (and you if you are having the problem) I did not do it.

After searching the internet, it seems this is a very common problem for ATI cards.  There’s also a problem with the CCC but that’s a topic all by itself. In order to fix this annoying issue you will need to do the following:

  • Visit any flash website. My favorite is Youtube.
  • Play whatever video you wish.
  • Right click “Settings” and select the first TAB.
  • Remove the “enable Hardware Accelaration” option 
  • Give yourself or your significant other a “high five”


That’s it. In case you are more visual, here’s a video I made:




 In case you would like to see the same video but in Spanish: banner

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