Does Revenge Solves Everything? It Does in Dishonored

When Dishonored was first announced, I did not really care.  Not sure why, to me it was just “another game”. A few weeks ago, a gameplay video caught my attention. It was then when I realized what an idiot I was.  That little gameplay video sparked memories that I thought were long forgotten. IT WAS THIEF! After so long, I was about to play a game that was heavily influenced by Thief. It looked terrific! 

You play as Corvo, former bodyguard to the Empress and accused of her death. To avoid any spoilers let me tell you this: Watch out for that Chaos meter. It will affect the ending of the game.  As for my personal taste, I love this game. Sadly, I have a bad case of motion sickness when I play First Person games and for this reason, I can only play it for half hour to an hour at a time.  Do you think revenge solves everything like in Dishonored?

Here are a couple of videos that will explain why this game is amazing.




 The last video is for the Spanish-Speaking community. Gotta love that thumbnail! banner

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