DayZ: A Survival Zombie Simulator

The blog has been a bit abandoned due to my heavy involvement in Youtube and Livestreaming. I was able to try DayZ and I must say it is a weird mix of frustration and fascination. A terrible combination! 

DayZ is a mod for Arma II by Bohemia Interactive Studios. On its own, DayZ has resurected the Arma fanbase.  The player starts on a beach where the general population has become zombies. You need supplies such as water, weapons, blood, medicine, food and all you can get your hands on. You need to kill the zombies and trust no nobody. As other players can turn their back on you. The realism does not end there. DayZ’s world can harm the player in multiple ways: fractures, thirst, hunger, etc. 

If you like Zombies, give this mod a try. Even better, if you want a Survival Zombie Simulator, you SHOULD play DayZ banner

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  1. Looks pretty neat, know a few people who might like this one, will have to pass it on. I’m total crud at FPS games, lol.

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