LBP Stunts Chicago Action Stunt Reel

LBP Action/Stunt Reel


Today I would like to share one of my favorite Stunt  Company out there. Best part? They have collaborated with another personal favorite, Thousand Pounds Action Company. For your enjoyment, here’s the LBP Stunts Chicago Stunt Reel. 



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Many thanks to the coordinators and peers who allowed this to happen:

Chad Stahelski, J.J. Perry, and the 87Eleven Stunt Team
Vladislav Rimburg and Dennis Ruel
Chris Cowan and Vonzell Carter of the Thousand Pounds Action Company
Micah Moore and the Beat Down Boogie Team
Eric Jacobus and The Stunt People
Andy Long and the Mag-Fighters Stunt Team
Hiroshi Adachi and the Sogya Action Team
Matt Mullins and the Sideswipe Performance Team
Darrin Prescott
Patrick Potochick
Tony Wolf
Arnold Chon
Leo Kei Angelos
Midwest Stunts
Aero Chicago Parkour
Brian Connelly, Andrew Staton, and Asylum Stunts
EMC Stunts
Andrew Hempfling and the 312 Action Team


Here’s a Bonus video. Really awesome fight! Be sure to check them out!



Practice Fight emulating the action and style of the film “The Raid” (aka The Raid: Redemption in the US) along with other close quarter combat aspects in action cinema today.

Shawn Bernal (SWAT GUY)
Brendon Huor (ATTACKER)

Fight Choreography by
Emmanuel Manzanares

Shot/Edited/Directed by
Emmanuel Manzanares
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