Where am I? – A Minecraft Story

Where am I? - A Minecraft Story

Last night was awesome. The amount of girls seemed endless. Horde after horde of these girls were after us. Who said money could not buy happiness? Too bad these stacks of money would not last long. Ha! Good thing this is not my money. There’s no way anyone out there will know it was us. Dumb fuckers!

I just wish my friend would just shut up. Those “EPIC Night” chants were starting to get on my nerves. Good thing this is probably the last time I will see him.

48 hours later

WHERE THE FUCK AM I?! HELLO?! ANYBODY THERE?!?!?!  Is this an island? This has to be a joke.  This is a dream, I will go sleep. 

Loud monster-like noises can be heard

What in the world is that? They are after me. I better hide .  They will never find me underground.

Please go away! Please go away! Let it be daylight, please…


To be continued…


Spanish version:

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