Unlucky Stars: Real Brutal Action In A Fun Way


Unlucky Stars

I would like to present Unluck Stars.  This movie is not finished yet, however you can help. You see, nowadays martial arts film or action flicks for that matter, are all a series of fast cut scenes with wires and stunt doubles. Of course, this is needed specially when great actors can’t really perform their own stunts. But, where is that old-school feeling that martial arts films used to have? Here’s a fun action-packed movie that features the actors doing their own stunts and they know how to kick-ass. Don’t believe me? Watch this video:


How can that video NOT convince you to watch it?  I would love to see this on the big screen! Unlocky Stars team, you have my support!


In case you are reading this “on the go”, here’s the “TEXT version”:


“A Martial Arts Movie?” No, even better! A FEATURE FILM with Heart, Fun Characters and Amazing Fight Sequences!

Martial Arts Films (especially in recent years) are often thought of as being “excuses” to showcase martial arts action – “Basic” story and plot are used to connect one fight to another and rarely give the audience a memorable experience that they would want to relive or share with friends. We plan to change that with Unlucky Stars!


Our goal with Unlucky Stars is to take the audience on a FUN RIDE that viewers would want to take again and again! An entertaining FILM with fun diverse characters and issues with which viewers can relate. Add a bit of satire and a few pokes at some of today’s popular shows and you have an experience much different than the majority of action films today.


For us, Unlucky Stars is much more than a feature length Martial Arts demonstration – We want to bring back the feeling that the 1980’s Golden Era Of Hong Kong Action Cinema gave us – An era that inspired us as martial artists, actors and filmmakers. An era that ultimately made us want to continue the tradition by writing our own chapter in hopes of revitalizing the fun that the genre used to be known for. 


We’re making Unlucky Stars for anyone who enjoys being entertained!


The Impact We Plan To Make

We’re hoping that ALL FILM FANS (not just fans of Martial Arts Films) talk about this film as a truly independent collaborative effort. The majority of the crew came together to handle ALL ASPECTS of the film making process – acting, shooting, lighting, sound, editing, set design, costumes, transportation, food, promo art, and this indiegogo campaign! In addition, the main cast of actors are also producers and we all share the goal of making the kind of impact that Independent Film Fans have been waiting for – An Impact that proves that indie films can compete with high budget films if enough heart and attention are invested! And of course the kind of impact that attracts the right investors for our NEXT PROJECT! AND MANY MORE AFTER THAT!


What We Need 

We’re trying to raise a 35,000 budget to FINISH the production and post-production!

• We plan to hire a name actor! We have a name actor in mind whose scenes have not been shot yet! Distribution becomes so much easier with a name attached and this name in particular would add the PERFECT ECCENTRICITY to this film! We plan to knock out his scenes in one day of shooting!

• We need a “mansion” sized home to shoot in for 4 days. This would involve several cast members and several props to break! This location is “a must” for one of the “spoofs” in the film. 

• We have a lot of incredibly talented actors and performers involved from the SF Bay Area and LA. Some talent has been coming from out of state as well! Having a travel budget for the remainder of the production would help immensely! 

• We need money for post production! Music, Sound Mixing, Color Correction, film festival fees, screenings and  DVD production. 

Perks/Prizes for supporting Unlucky Stars!

We have a wide range of perks for small through large donations! Special Edition DVDs, to your very own action movie poster, to having your VERY OWN FIGHT SCENE as part of the special features! See the list of PERKS on the right side of this page!


Other Ways You Can Help!

Please add us on Facebook & Twitter! Please “like” our website and POST THE TEASER on your pages and blog sites! We really can’t wait to share UNLUCKY STARS with the WORLD!!! THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Finally, a martial arts movie without special effects.
    A movie in which really takes the martial art to what it is, a fighting art is seen not as the world, such as fighting with special effects or nonsense.

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