Elder Scrolls MMO? YES PLEASE!


TES Online


According to Massively, there could be an Elder Scrolls MMO. The rumor is spreading thanks to tomsguide that a TES ONLINE could be announced on May.

An industry source that wishes to remain anonymous revealed the name of the new MMO to us, and confirmed that the game would take place a full millennium before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Using the Elder Scrolls Wiki timeline as a guide, Elder Scrolls Online will likely take place during the “Second Era,” or several hundred years before any of the other Elder Scrolls games. This information was corroborated by two additional sources before publication

If this is true this could make for an awesome yet very scary announcement. We could be looking at the best Online game ever plagued by the worst launch of all times. And this time, the moders will not save Bathesda’s skin.  Let’s wait until May and see what happens. 

*picture taken from the mod: Skyrim Online

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