Street Fighter X Tekken Short Film

Street Fighter X Tekken Short Film


It’s finally out! Once again Thousand Pounds delivers an amazing product. I am writing this post only 2 hours after it was released on Youtube. It is amazing! Glad to hear that Capcom actually seeked them out for this production. Anyone from Capcom please take my advice: whisper these sweet words into the ears of an executive about how Thousand Pounds can kill the Street Fighter movie franchise curse. Start the project as a web-series to test the water. They will NOT disappoint the fans. 

Web-series are what’s hot right now. Hollywood can suck it! 

To Thousand Pounds: All of you are amazing people and blessed with talent. Keep up your great work. Like always you have my support! Can’t wait to see more! banner


  1. A good fight movie, perfect for fans of martial arts.
    The trouble is that few people see a future in the movies for a fight, just focus on war movies and comic fantastic, but when this movie comes out I will go see it 🙂

  2. bilingue /

    I hope this gets turned into a movie as well :]

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