Fallen Earth Crashes Into Steam

Fallen Earth Goes Free To Play
Fallen Earth just became one of the many new Free-to-Play MMORPGs that have been appearing on Steam. This is a great move for both “steamers” (I just made that word up) and new “mmorpgers” (and that one too) that are looking for an easy way to download their games. The first time I played this game I was deeply disappointed. Gamersfirst adquire the IP and with it started the Free-To-Play Journey.

If you are interested remember to check the First Time Purchase Package.

The Fallen Earth First Time Purchaser Package

This amazing package is yours with your first cash purchase in the Fallen Earth Marketplace, as our way of saying “Thank You” for supporting FE. All items in the package will be sent to your selected character’s in-game mailbox, available to you instantly after your purchase.

The package includes:

  • Character Slots set to Four
  • 25% Harvest Speed Booster
  • 10% Crafting Speed Booster
  • 25% Death Toll Booster
  • 20% XP Booster (Lambda Clone Psychoactive Shot)
  • 25% Salvage Speed Booster
  • 25% Faction Booster
  • Surviving Shades sunglasses
  • Wardrobe Slot Unlock: Core
  • W.H.I.S.P.E.R. Mobile Stable Manager
  • V.A.L.E.T. Mobile Garage Manager
  • Access to Global Chat
  • Chip Limit Removed

Remember, only the first character to make a cash purchase on your account will receive this package, so make sure you have selected the character you wish to bestow this awesomness upon before making a purchase!

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Fallen Earth F2P

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