Skyrim’s Invisible Weapon Glitch Video


Skyrim's Invisible Weapon Glitch

The clean-up procedure went better than expected. Everything looks good and I am sure my PC appreciates the effort. I have been pushing my computer  and testing its limits in regards of video-game live streaming. As I mentioned before, this is the next step for the KalibreOnline TV project. During these 4 to 6 hours of tests I tried to stream and record very simple things. To spice it up a bit, I decided to kill the dog and NPCs. While checking the footage I saved on my external drive, I noticed that one NPC attacked me with no weapon. The animation looks like he is holding a Two-handed weapon. It’s nothing special but it looks funny.


This same NPC goes to his workbench and sometimes equips a one-handed axe and then attacks you. Skyrim is full of surprises! banner

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  1. ? El juego divierte principalmente a pesar de todo Muchas veces es algo aburridisimo

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