World of Warcraft Loses 100k Subs, Free To Play In The Future And Warlocks

MassivelyWarlock reported that during the Activision Blizzard investor call, it was declared that the Juggernaut of MMORPGs had lost another 100,000 subs. The company is struggling with just over ten million subscribers. I was being sarcastic in case you missed it. Those are still some very impressive numbers. This opens up the question, will World of Warcraft turn to a Free To Play model to increase its profits?

Think about it, it could work. They offer a lot of things that could multiply that revenue.  After the Annual Pass, this kind of move seems possible. Anyway, last night I logged into my Warlock alt and just PvP for two hours. I got my ass handed to me but we won all the games. It is incredible how it takes one person to motive or demoralize a team. The queues were marked as over 15 minute plus but I got my games instantly. First Warsong, then Arathi Basin, then Warsong again and one last game of Basin. Back to back action!

I am still deciding on what class to permanently roll. My alts are all over multiple servers. On other news, I am getting back on Skyrim and will start a new series. banner

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