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Plays An MMO; Does Everything Solo

The search of the next great MMO. What a search! Please notice that I used the word “great” and not “best”. I go through this every single time. Once again I was reminded about the little things that World of Warcraft does right for me. Yes, I am tired of the fantasy setting but it fits my casual life. The type of player that hardcore gamers detest. I confess I am a casual. Well, this was never a secret. As much as I would like to play and enjoy myself in the virtual world, I can’t. It is that simply.

Sorry Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have given up on you. For now at least. Don’t misunderstand, SWTOR is a great game. I just don’t like the idea of spending my time in hopes of finding a group only to be hit by reality and having to log off. As we all know, reality hits you hard, bro. I want to be able to enjoy what I want to do in a reasonable amount of time. Newer MMORPGs need to have available to their player-base tools that other games have already incorporated. Not just ” We will add it at a later time after release“. It should be when the game gets released! PERIOD.

Here’s a short list with a few examples:

  • An Appereance Tab If character creator is lackluster.
  • Dungeon Finder – A must in all games.
  • Alternate Skill Points – Some way to grow your character after max level.
  • Free Server Transfers – With a very detailed list of rules.
  • Voice Overs – Thank you Bioware!
  • Difficulty Settings – With appropriate loot for those that work so hard.
  • PvP – With different game-modes.
  • Live Events – This is something that brings the world alive in MMOs.

That’s a small list of things that have been done by different games. Personally, I am not a fan of grinding but it comes with the MMORPG territory. Traditional Combat mechanics could use an overhaul but these are not the features I am talking about. Something to cater both the casuals and haters. A “happy medium” of some sorts. Face it, at some points in our lives we all become “casuals”.

Anyway, I am playing World of Warcraft again in super casual mode. banner

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