KineticElements Brings Japan And Games Closer To You



Several months ago I discovered a channel that featured a gamer living in Japan. I try to comment on videos and to my surprised, he took the time to reply back. That is something that a lot of Youtubers have stopped doing. And that’s one of the reason why I love his channel.

Kinetic and Kanako have a great chemistry and it’s easily recognizable in their videos. Not all relationships can enjoy something like this. They buy games, manga, videos, magazines and play together. Then they share these stories with their audience. One of my favorite channels was the KineticIRL. Recently this channel was merged with his main one. In order to give back to the community, Kinetic started a PS Vita Giveaway for his subscribers.


The Youtube Community is good. What makes it amazing is people like Kinetic. I seriously recommend to check out his Youtube ChannelTwitter or Facebook page. banner

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  1. I think “PSvita” is a new product, but not part of the new generation of consoles is planned for next year “2013” because it is a portable console, and not have better graphics engine that the next Xbox 720 or the PlayStation 4, but will certainly be one of the best portable console of 2012

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