Project Fiona: Razer’s New Tablet



Razer's Project Fiona

Razer just revealed their new project, a PC Tablet designed for PC Gamers. I thought they were done after annoucing the SwitchBlade. I was wrong!

This new tablet is also a mini-PC on steroids. What other tablets are missing, Fiona incorporates it beautifully. You can also use a keyboard and a mouse. My words do no justice to this gadget, just watch the videos. Hopefully this will be target to all gamers and not just those with nice big wallets.

Project Fiona is powered by Intel’s 3rd generation Core i7 Ivy Bridge Processor. It can run PC Games right out of the box without the need for additional development, optimization, or porting. By default, it has the largest library of gaming content in the world. This isn’t Angry Birds — this is hardcore PC Gaming made mobile on a full-fledged PC Tablet.

The all-new hybrid interface combines a traditional gamepad with a multi-touch screen and accelerometers. We’ve even put in force-feedback. We can only imagine what game developers come up with. The potential for next-gen innovation with this unique interface is limitless. Audio is an integral part of the gaming experience. Project Fiona comes equipped with Dolby 7.1 and it’s the only tablet to be certified by THX.

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