Save Me: New Webseries

Save Me: New Webseries
Today I would like to introduce a new webseries. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. These guys are facing some adversities and yet they are making their best to create a high quality production. I had the chance to talk to Ramon about this project.

Ramon: Save Me is about ordinary people that has obtained super-abilities.It features a different character each version (the episodes are called versions) and will follow up the hero that is introduced or the story of that particular character. Example, Save Me 1.0 is about a girl that knows the main villain, Shadow Voice, and has come to obtain an object. Save Me 1.1 will continue that girl’s story while 2.0, 3.0, and so on, will follow other characters. Until they meet in one episode.


bilingue: Interesting concept. What can you tell me about the people involved with the production. How many are working with you? I was also told this was filmed with an iPhone.


Ramon: Yes, I record the video with my iPhone 4s and when I have available another one, I record the audio separately. Right now -I dont want this to sound like I’m a cocky guy -but I am the whole production crew. I write the script, film, direct and edit it. Very soon that will all change. I will be getting help from some friends. The actors are mostly friends of mine. Sometimes friends of friends, you know how it goes.


bilingue: That’s a very creative solution. Who are the actors involved in the project? Will this project have its own channel and a schedule like other YouTube productions?


Ramon: The actors are Aureliz Garcia, Leslie Perez, Ramon Medina, Enoc Perez, Jan Carlo Ibanez, Luis Gaetan, Jonathan Rivera, Nancy Villalongo and myself. Most of the actors are in for the project we have schedule projects. As of right now, we have no specific dates and the episodes will be uploaded randomly. I will pass them through my channel until further notice. I’m starting a new job as well. This will prove a bit difficult.  Save me 1.0 comes out this Monday but I am not sure when 3.0 will be available.

Within 6 months I will have the company name copyrighted and hopefully new recording equipment. I do post-copyright in the mean time.


bilingue: That is great!  I really wish you guys well and I will keep up with the videos.


There you have it! This is the perfect example on how to do something that you want so bad that nothing will stop you. Using the resources available to them, the team is making this happen. No excuses. Check out their work, bloopers and be ready for Save Me 3.0 banner

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