Happy New Year! Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year!


That’s it! This year is almost over. What a roller-coaster this year has been. No point in looking at the bad things that happened during 2011, a new window has open up. In my personal life this year I plan to be RELENTLESSLY POSITIVE! These words were stolen from Day[9]. Sean, if you ever read this, I want to thank you. This video clicked in so many ways. You were able to explain what I always thought but my brain was unable to process. On 2012 I want to become a more positive person and spread it to others.

Many thanks to every single person that has visited the site, fanpage, twitter and Youtube Channel. I may not be the best blogger, vbloger or player but I love being able to do this. Thank you to all those that helped me and made things happen. All of you are awesome, I sincerely love you all. Yes, even when I have not met you.

Happy New Year!

Relentlessly Positive

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