My New Guilty Pleasure: Mr. Plinkett’s Reviews


Red Letter Media: Mr. Plinkett's ReviewsI can’t remember how exactly I ended up watching one of these reviews but I got hooked. The person behind the voice, reviews movies in a way that everybody can understand. He hits a lot of valid points with very crude humor and a very awkward voice. The best part? It works. There are a couple of very disturbing jokes but overall, the videos are very in-depth and funny.

As of right now I am watching his Star Wars Episode 1 review and I can’t believe how stupid I am for not noticing the obvious things he points out in his videos. After working in the movie entertainment business for so long, I have been brainwashed into thinking about money. Luckily for me, now I have time to sit down and enjoy movies. Who knows, after bizarroAndrres‘ mysterious disappearance, I might start putting movie reviews myself.

Brutal but insightful. Thanks Mr. Plinkett. banner

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