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Middle Earth Texture Project

Last night I posted the trailer for the upcoming movie The Hobbit. Today, the Middle-earth spirits are high and I want some of it in my Skyrim. Lucky for me there is a team working on a mod like this. The Middle-earth Texture project is adding armor, guards and symbols to make this feel more like home (Middle-earth home!).

Don’t believe me? Check out the video!

If you would like to help these awesome guys, you can visit their website and take it from there. In the meantime visit their SkyrimNexus page and endorse them.

Rohan Reborn WIP

We will not upload “Rohan Reborn” until
its completely done. Screenshots will be posted
so you can keep track of our progress. 
Alot has happend!

Iv’e teamed up with Kclimer13, and we are already
making huge progress. And with some more help
I am sure we could get Whiterun done by the end of

We have already done the banners, armor and shields!

So, if you want us to keep on going
with this project, there is no better way by 
doing that other than ENDORSING.

We need motivation to keep this up 
and running.


Whiterun/Edoras – 80%

Solitude/Gondor – 70%



Want to join the team?

Sign up on our website and give us a pm.
I might be speaking for myself here, but
the thing we need the most is a modeler

So head on over at
Change log:

Version 0.1: 
Initial release

Version 0.11: 
Minor helmet update

Version 0.12:
New website and co-operation with Kclimer

Version 0.2: 
Added the WIP Edoras/Whiterun armor. 
Screenshot available.

Version 0.7:
Finished the interior banners, guard armor
(male), and symbol(shield). We are currently
70% done with Whiterun. 

Version 1.0:
Whiterun and Solitude are almost
done. We are working our asses off
for you guys and gals 🙂


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