How To Enable Anti-aliasing In Star Wars The Old Republic



Bioware has made some questionable decisions like enabling a set number of  accounts per day during early access. This is understandable as they were probably trying to prevent hardcore queues or just doing their best to hype their product even further. However, disabling Anti-aliasing on their new game, Star Wars: The Old Republic is quite puzzling. This is how you make a beautiful game even more beautiful.

Let’s get started!

Radeon users have it really easy. All you have to do is use the tools provided by the Catalyst drivers to force Anti-aliasing in your card. Nvidia users have a little more leg work to do. Locate the file patch where the ini file is. Should look something like this:

C – Users – (select your username) – AppData – Local – SWTOR – SWTOR – Settings – Client_Settings (Example: C:\ Users\ YOUR USER NAME HERE\ AppData\ Local\ SWTOR\ swtor\ settings)

Remember to always make a copy of the file before editing anything. This should save you time and headaches in case you alter something else. Open the file with notepad and locate the line that says [Renderer] and add this line AntiAliasingLevel = x (X is the number that your want to activate. 2,4,8 or 12). Save the file and play the game.

That’s it! You are done. Play with the settings until you are satisfied. You could also add this line: TextureAnisotropy = 16


Here’s a nice comparison GIFs from the guys at Tom’s Hardware.

Low-High Level Details

Anti-aliasing Comparison banner



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