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Thousand Pounds Action Company


I just saw the video with the announcement and I am very excited for Thousand Pounds. For those that are not familiar with the team’s work, they have delivered high quality fan-made films in the past and continue to do so in the present. Thousand Pounds Action Company take their projects very seriously. Their last short film was based on Naruto Shippuden

As a fan, I can’t wait to see this new short film. Anyone at Capcom, what do you say about a web-series (like the one released for Mortal Kombat) featuring small stories from Street Fighter’s characters? If the answer is yes, Thousand Pounds is the team for the job!

By the way, the announcement video is pretty cool on its own. It really shows some great synergy between the members of the team. Too bad Brandon and Mickey were not able to make it. 


Here’s a short fight inspired by Batman Arkham City. This time the heroine is the kick-ass Mickey Facchinello.

Music Available On iTunes: “Arkham City Main Theme” – Nick Arundel

While the 2nd part of Naruto is still being edited, we felt like doing something for fun. We’ve all been playing the new Batman Arkham City and were inspired enough to go out and create a quick test video in the vein of the video games action style.

Featuring Mickey Facchinello

Vonzell Carter
James Young
Darren Bailey
David ‘Dax’ Bauer
Al Pitman

Shot & Edited by
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