BF3 vs MW3: And The Winner Is?

For many people answering this question boils down to being a fanboy. As rational gamers, let’s take a step back and think. What game is the best game for me (or in this case you)?

Answer: The one that makes you have fun, lots of it. Here’s a Pros and Cons list. Let’s start with Battlfield 3:


Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3


  • An amazing engine that brings destructible buildings and adds to strategy.
  • Different kinds of vehicles available.
  • Real teamwork mechanics.
  • Class-based gameplay.
  • Long matches.



  • Online problems since day one.
  • Forced installation (PS3).
  • A somewhat weak single-player experience.
  • It has a learning curve. Specially vehicles. 
  • Matches are too long.
  • Teammates can be jerks and ruin it for the squad.
  • EA’s Origin (PC). 
  • Multiple fun-breaking bugs.
  • Very long matches.


Now lets see Modern Warfare:



Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3


  • Great Single-player experience.
  • No installation required.
  • Fun and fast arcade-like action.
  • Epic hero feel! One person can carry an entire team.
  • Great for casual matches.
  • Fun perks.



  • Feels like a Modern Warfare 2 expansion.
  • Call of Duty Elite platform was broken for several days.
  • Worst FPS community at the moment.
  • Teammates can be jerks.
  • Constant disconnection problems since day one.
  • Multiple fun-breaking bugs.
  • Same CoD Formula since Call of Duty 4
  • Unrealistic perks.


This pro and con list will be different according to gamers and fans of both games. Bottom line? The winner is the one that you choose to play. Regardless of platform, enjoy the game you want to play with your friends. Just like the song: banner


  1. Battlefield 3 es la ostia. Lo unico q por ahora no me gusta es q no ahi tutorial para los jet, desde q me lp compre no eh matado ni una mosca con ellos, sino me explotan me estrello lol

  2. bilingue /

    hahaha! BF3 for me too. I have only played Skyrim for the last week though.

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