The Quick And Dirty Always Win Review

The Always Win game app will only appeal to you if you ever experienced one of the following situations before:

  • You want to have fun and play a prank on one of your friends.
  • You wan to cheat on a bet or drinking game.
  • You just want to win.

The list could be longer but my point is, everybody wants to have fun from time to time. With this app you will be able to determine who gets the high card. In other words, who wins. I visited my neighbor and during our conversation poker came up. Since I am not a poker player, I suggested that we could play another card game. Pick a card; highest card wins. With a swift motion, I grabbed my phone, not wanting him to find his deck of cards and we started to play.

I lost the first couple of games on purpose to give him a sense of confidence. After hearing him brag I suggested that I was the lucky one for not betting. That’s went it got fun!

Obviously, I gave him his money back and explained to him how it worked. You are able to control the game and always win (no pun intended), lose or make it fair.

Always Win iOS APP Review


On the right hands, this app could be dangerous. Just for laughs, this app is worth it. Be sure to grab it here. Let the strip, I mean games, begin. banner

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