The Battlefield 3 Idiots

Every once in a while (almost every single time I log in to play Battlefield 3) there is a band of collective individuals that can be called idiots. These idiots will simply ignore what in the world you are suppose to do in a game like Battlefield 3. This game force individuals to play as a team. Why? Because this is not Call of Duty. For the first time in a couple of years I am nerd-raging. How can someone with no kills (or skills) dominate the scoreboard in first place for almost the entire game. As the game finishes, I am left in third place, still with no kills. Here’s the picture:

BF3 Idiots



I have played a lot of games and I don’t care losing if the effort was made. I hate giving matches to others because a few individuals refuse to play as a team. Watch my words here, “REFUSE TO PLAY AS A TEAM“. If you suck, it is fine. I suck at the game too but at least I go for the objectives.

This is probably my fault as I should find a group of friends to play. banner


  1. i have to agree with you that is your fault brother. You should of got the game for xbox to play with your gaming family! [HovS]

  2. bilingue /


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