Phoenix Wright Movie


You know how Hollywood is always messing up when adapting games into movies? Well, take a look at how close the upcoming Phoenix Wright movie looks:

Phoenix Wright Movie

Jaw-dropping right? I will attribute the awesomeness to Mr. Takashi Miike, one of the most diverse and crazy directors out there. Don’t believe me? Watch his movies. WATCH THEM! After that you may go ahead and enjoy this exclusive video that KalibreOnline managed to secured on Youtube.

Hiroki Narimiya resembles a great Phoenix Wright. This reminds me of how Justin Chatwin was a real fit to play Goku in Dragonball Evolution. Oh, don’t remember him? 


BAM! Can’t wait for DragonBall Evolution 2 baby! Hollywood take notes!

I have no idea how I ended up ranting about DragonBall Evolution or why I felt so angry while writing this. banner

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