Heart Of The Swarm Seeks Vengeance

Several weeks ago, Blizzard released special screenshots asking the SC2 players to take wild guesses on new units. The Starcraft 2 expansion trailer was released and it shows these new units. Hold that thought! 

After watching the trailer I really started to think about how great SC2 story is. Then it started to sink in. She reminded me of something familiar. Yes! Death Knights! Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. The new units look sick and I it will be a blast seeing them in action by the pros in the tournament scene. I will have a description of the new units soon, for the moment enjoy the gallery and the trailer.



 Since we originally unveiled Heart of the Swarm back in May, we’ve continued working in secret, laboring in the dark recesses of Blizzard’s sheetrock-lined offices on the dank and gloomy coast of Southern California. We’re proud to present additional fruits of that labor in this new teaser cinematic of footage rendered entirely within the StarCraft II game engine. Learn more about the first StarCraft II expansion, Heart of the Swarm, on our official website:http://battle.net/sc2/game/heart-of-the-swarm-preview/


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