Battlefield 3 Freeze Glitch?

(UPDATE: New method by a commentator. Listed at the end of the article)

I received my copy of Battlefield 3 for the PS3 yesterday right on time without leaving my house. After writing so much about it, I had to buy it. Thanks Amazon! Before you continue reading, this is not a review of Battlefield 3 but my experience with a strange glitch that affected the game. The review will be ready in about a week but let me just say that the game is a different product from what you played on the beta. Yes, this is a good thing.

This is a recreation of how it happened. All names have been changed to protect the innocent.

When the bell ringed, I knew it was Battlefield 3. I eagerly opened the door and proceed with the installation while I was playing with my daughter. I left the installation on the background and quickly changed the TV back to her favorite channel. As she was playing around, I was getting dinner ready. I checked the status from time to time and when it was done, I turned off my PS3. After two hours it was time for my daughter’s nap and this is when I decided to play the game.


Everything was smooth. I played a couple of matches and as soon as my wife came home, I proceeded to hit the game menu and select Quit. You know, trying to get as little wife “aggro” as I could. Later that night I played again and after the match ended the game glitched. I restarted the game, same thing happened while loading the intro. For a moment my mind was telling me: “Shit, I need to get a new PS3?”. After trying out all the games in my PS3 (which they all worked) I kept playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 for 45 minutes. Went back to Battlefield 3 to play a match.


“YES!” – I screamed, almost waking up my daughter and wife.


Match ended and the glitch was there. The NERD-RAGE was taking over.


After dropping a line in the official Battlefield 3 twitter (very politely) I started to search the internet for answers. And I did find answers!

Is this glitch tied to Battlefield 3? I don’t know but I don’t think so. In my opinion, this was just a coincidence. It was easy to blame DICE because I read about the glitches people had found (not game-breakers) and not been able to play was making me very upset. The solution? Rebuild your PS3 Database. Here how you do it:

  • Turn off your system by pressing and holding the front Power button.
  • After 5 seconds you will hear a noise and it will shut down again.
  • Do it again, this time you will hear a double beeping. When you hear this, take your finger off the button and follow the instructions on-screen.
  • Heads up, you need the controller connected to the USB cable.

There you have it. Enjoy your games and see you in the Battlefield (pun intended!).

Update: One of our commentators posted how it worked from him. Thanks Tommo! Keep adding more suggestions!

Thanks man you saved my life with this :-) The only thing I did different was
1) Load game and not install patch to 1.01 (Game worked)
2) Install patch, game hangs at loading screen
3) Re-built db and game worked

Hope that helps someone else


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  1. didn’t work for me.

  2. bilingue /

    Damn that sucks! 🙁

  3. I tried the rebuild, still crashes. Any suggestions?

  4. Collin /

    Glad to hear it worked for you I tried but it wouldn’t work for me. Got my hopes up though. This problem does lie with either Dice or EA. it began for me with BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2 and continues on for every EA game I try to play. I loved BFBC2 and was so angry when this started to happen. My game ends up having no sound except for a loud high pitched noise that scares the hell outta my dog then shortly after the game always freezes. I want an answer why this is happening. I have an old 20 gig fatty ps3 wich I had upgraded to 250 gigs. Funny thing is that every other game I play works including COD games.
    I guess I should just stick with them, but I so wish I could play.
    If you come up with any other fixes please let me know, I will try anything!

  5. Thanks man you saved my life with this 🙂 The only thing I did different was
    1) Load game and not install patch to 1.01 (Game worked)
    2) Install patch, game hangs at loading screen
    3) Re-built db and game worked

    Hope that helps someone else



  6. i got a suggestion. Play xbox.

  7. bilingue /

    Sorry to hear that it did not work for some of you. Tommo I am including your workaround on the post. Pass this around as I keep getting messages from people having this issue. Pretty crazy! 🙁 Something I forgot to mention. I deleted all the Battlefield 3 content from my hard drive. Then re-installed, then Database build. Don’t give up and try Tommo’s suggestion!

  8. bilingue /

    @Vako: You used to be a PS3 dude!

  9. Warwick Benson /

    Im having same issue, restored my ps3 and still frezzes, this as well happened to BF2,,, but no other game,,,,,

  10. bilingue /

    Benson, delete BF3 from your PS3. EVERYTHING! Then re-install and follow Tommo’s direction.

  11. It happened with me as well. Don`t forget to mention that also happened playing Campaign. I believe people will start working on some fixes. Just hold tight.

  12. for those who are experience crashing especially on ps3 fat…. the game over powers the graphics in the ps3, so you have to change the display on settings and select custom and choose only 480 so that the graphics on the ps3 doesn’t crash and you may play without crashing but your gaming experience will be affected by crappy graphics >:)
    (i played it on my ps3 fat without crashing anymore!)

  13. For those who load up the game and find their console freezing on the loading screen (on PS3) go to the game data utility and delete the data. Mine said about 3000mb. Then reboot the game, install all the updates, put your online passcode in (if needed) and redownload all the data you had before (including map packs, updates ect.) and it should work.

  14. bilingue /

    Thank you for the tips James!

  15. Raptor /

    Worked a charm, cheers mate

  16. bilingue /

    I am glad to hear that! :]

  17. Graeme R /

    my game loads up to the main screen…then any attempt to load Campaign or Multiplayer cause the game to freeze 🙁

    I cleared all saved and utility data before re-installing and now the corner of the screen shows the “loading” text and square, but continues to hang there. I can access the XMB menu using PS button, so no hard reset needed….but still not a fix for the issue I’m having.

  18. bilingue /

    @Graeme I am so sorry to hear that :[

  19. This is still an issue. I got rid of BF3 awhile ago because of this and recently purchased the Premium thinking it may have fixed the issue, not a chance, still all f’d up.

  20. Fredrik /

    The same thing happend to me. Dident help rebuilding the db or deleting game save.. This sucks..

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