Blizzard Presents Mists of Pandaria, The New World Of Warcraft Expansion

This is a bit late I know. I was about to not post anything because all blogs out there are writing about it. However, my surprise can’t be contained. More on that later. Like the Headline implies, Blizzard finally announced Mists of Pandaria as the new expansion for their World of Warcraft MMO.

Yes, Pandaria as in PANDAS.


I must say it does look beautiful, with all those Chinese (and Kung-Fu Panda) references.  This new expansion will bring a whole lot of changes (talent revision, pet system, class changes, level cap raise, among others) which hopefully I will be able to cover later on. The two big things I want to discuss is the expansion and the World of Warcraft Annual Pass. 

What does Pandaria truly signifies for Blizzard? Asides from the normal trend in MMOs (delivering content in the form of expansions) this is another push on trying to hold the crown as the MMO King. Personally I think this has a hidden agenda. Blizzard suffered a lot trying to release Wrath of the Lich King in China. On the other hand, there were reports that China was upset as to why they were not able to create an animation like Kung-Fu Panda (this obviously sounds exaggerated but let’s roll with that for argument’s sake). How will the old geezers (I mean this with respect) running China’s gaming government Division will feel about this? I can imagine they are going to love the tribute to their country and give them an easier time, boosting Blizzard’s player-base and helping them take over the world. I know how ridiculous this sounds but that’s how my mind works.

Star Wars The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2 are two games that are blazing hot. It does not take a genius to figure out the drop in Warcraft’s subs. What can Blizzard do? Easy! Offer the Annual Pass, a 12 month subscription with the following perks:

  • Diablo 3 For Free: Yes, the game.
  • Tyrael’s Charger: An Exclusive WoW Mount
  • Beta Access to Mists of Pandaria


This is insane! And if you buy the Collector’s Edition of Diablo 3, you get 4 free months of World of Warcraft. This is a WIN-WIN and a clever move from Blizzard. Oh Bobby Kotick, you son of gun! On a different note, how will this affect Diablo 3? On release day, it will have a significantly large player base already (if this move works for Blizzard). Will this make Diablo 3 the second  biggest online game ever?

For those interested about these Pandas, check out this Warcraft 3 Video: banner

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  1. if there is one thing i learned about blizzard,is that they always have a card up their sleeve lol…

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