Zerg Tricks Everyone Should Know

Starcraft2Dude Youtube ChannelWe have some great Starcraft 2 casters out there. They make boring matches entertaining, analyze situations and make suggestions for players. Now, what about those low-ranking players that are struggling with strategies? Take me for example, I do not play any other race in Starcraft 2. I rely on replays and commentary about what Terran and Protoss are doing. Now meet Starcraft2dude. He has a whole series called: “Zerg Tricks Everyone Should Know“. And that my friends is awesome!

I found myself saying so many times: “How the hell I never thought of that?” 

Some of the most advance players might know the tricks but I guarantee you will find at least one that you were not aware of. You can check his Youtube Channel and see all his other instructional SC2 videos along the rest of the game he plays.



 Check out all his Zerg tricks!

Zerg Tricks Everyone Should Know!

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