Starcraft Universe

You know you want it! You know you are tired of fantasy MMOs! Just kidding. But seriously!

There is no official word from Blizzard regarding a Starcraft 2 Universe MMO but some serious fans are hard at work in a mod for Starcraft 2. The mod  will be available only until October 30th. It is unclear the reason as of why they are doing this but I suspect it is to create some buzz. Blizzard could easily hire this people and have them work on an official Starcraft Universe mod. They are releasing a DOTA of their own so why not get this done as well? 

Fear of cannibalizing World of Warcraft? Maybe.

From just watching the video you can tell the enormous amount of work these guys have done. Great job!



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Music of David Orr:
Search: SC Universe PvP – Dev Preview over in StarCraft II between Oct 19th and Oct 30th to test the game!

As promised back in January, we will have something for you guys to play while we’re at BlizzCon! Be aware that SCU PvP will only be available until the end of October. We will then pull it down for further polishing since technically it isn’t even ready for an Open Beta. It is however, fully functional and fully enjoyable. 

Upon entering the arena or.. “Encephalon Grid” as we call it, you will be able to play as any class, starting at level 30 with a full set of level 30 gear.

You also will be given a mid level starting kit of abilities for your class, and may even be able to unlock more abilities during the preview if you win enough matches.

Please visit us at and tell us what you think of the game on our forums once it goes live.

Have fun guys, and we’ll see you in the arena! 🙂 banner

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