Modern Warfare 3 Gets Redemption

Modern Warfare 3

The Call of Duty games. What a list! In reality, only 2 games from their catalog got my love and attention. That was the Modern Warfare series. I could not get into the others and after trying to really like World at War and Black Ops it just didn’t work out. Like wanting to have a beer, you grab one and as soon as you taste it there’s a bad feeling in your mouth because it was not cold.

I am the proud owner of the first Modern Warfare on the PC and PS3. Modern Warfare 2 was bought with the intention to play it on the Xbox 360 and man I had fun with a few friends from work. With the Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 situation going on, it’s clear that both games target very different markets. Can’t wait to see if this MW game brings back those feelings: Butterflies in my stomach and sweaty hands.

This first video is the official Single Player trailer called Redemption.


Remember that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hits the shelves on November, 2011. If you have time to spare, check out this Multiplayer briefing video. banner

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  1. MW3 just like trix are for kids. Battlefield all the way my friend.

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