Toy Story X: Woody’s Got Wood

Prepare to be horrified as your childhood hero becomes a sexual deviant. It seems Woody has been hanging out too much with Pedobear. Which surprisingly made an appearance in a Polish newspaper.

This is all I could save from the gallery, which had a lot of pictures. There were too many images that I felt could not be posted here. This slideshow could easily be called: Toy Story X: Woody’s Got Wood or Before Woody was in Toy Story.


The specific toy used to portray all these actions was the Walt Disney Toy Story: SCI-FI Revoltech No. 010 Woody Action Figure, in case you are interested in getting it for your collection.

You can see the rest of the images here. Just remember, the gallery and the site is not SFW. That means Safe For Work, in case you are wondering. banner

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