Radiohead At The Occupy Wall Street Movement?

This just in
: Rumor has it Radiohead is supposed to play later today at the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Around 4:00 PM. KalibreOnline will keep you posted on the news. Well, not really. We can’t afford it. 


Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing demonstration opposing what participants view as negative corporate influence over U.S. politics and a lack of legal repercussions over the global financial crisis. It was inspired by the Arab Spring movement, particularly the protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square which resulted in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.[3]

The aim of the demonstration is to begin a sustained occupation of Wall Street, the financial district of New York City, to draw attention to Wall Street’s misdeeds and call for structural economic reforms. Organizers intend for the occupation to last “as long as it takes to meet our demands.” Demands are in the process of being negotiated and developed.

The protest was coordinated with similar though smaller events nationwide; as of September 27 the Occupy Wall Street site reported that “52 cities were occupied or organizing” including Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago, as coordinated on Occupytogether dot org. 


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